Latest Exam HP HP0-Y21 ProCurve Core Competencies

Part: A
1: Which event triggers a connection-rate filter configured on a ProCurve switch?
A.The  number  of  connection  requests  generated  by  a  source  IP  address  exceeds  a  configured
B.The aggregate flow of packets sent over a trunk or list of ports reaches a threshold.
C.An  excessive  number  of  source  IP  addresses  attempt  to  create  a  Denial  of  Service  attack  on  a
given destination IP address.
D.The  number  of  TCP  SYN  requests  sent  to  any  one  of  the  switch’s  management  interfaces
exceeds a configured limit.
Correct Answers: A
2: You have enabled and configured DHCP snooping on a ProCurve Switch 5406zl. How can you
ensure the switch can maintain the DHCP snooping database if it is restarted?
A.Configure ProCurve Manager to capture all permitted DHCP transactions.
B.Enable snooping redundancy and specify a backup switch for DHCP transactions.
C.Configure the switch to save the database to a TFTP server at regular intervals.
D.Configure the switch to store the database in primary flash.
Correct Answers: C
3: What can be used to identify the source of traffic when implementing remote traffic mirroring
on ProCurve switches? (Select three.)
C.switch IP address
D.router ID
G.switch MAC address
Correct Answers: B E F  
4: What is the maximum number of port trunk groups that can be defined on a ProCurve Switch
Correct Answers: C
5:  You  must  configure  a  ProCurve  Switch  8212zl  to  be  the  Owner  of  a  VRID  associated  with
VLAN 10. What is required of the virtual IP address for the VRID?
A.It must be an address on a multi-netted interface.
B.It must match the address assigned to VLAN 10 on the Backup router.
C.It must use a classful network mask.
D.It must match the router’s address for the VLAN 10 interface.
Correct Answers: D
6: You have defined VLANs and IP interfaces and enabled routing on a ProCurve Switch 8212zl.
Otherwise, the switch is at default settings. What is the effect of the following command?  
8212zl(config)# spanning-tree
A.RSTP  is  enabled  globally.  To  enable  MSTP,  you  must  enter  spanning-tree  protocol-version
B.MSTP is enabled globally. The switch will function as if RSTP were enabled until other MSTP
parameters are defined.
C.MSTP  is  enabled  globally.  The  switch  will  exchange MSTP  parameters  with  other  switches  in
the Spanning Tree domain.
D.STP   is   enabled   globally.   You   must   now   configure   a   Spanning   Tree   version   with   the
spanning-tree protocol-version command.
Correct Answers: B
7: Users at a customer site report delays in accessing six servers connected to a ProCurve Switch
6108 in the corporation’s data center. Analysis by network technicians reveals that a bottleneck is
being created by the 1000Base-T connection between the 6108 and a ProCurve Switch 5412zl in
the network’s distribution layer. How can the throughput be increased between the switches?
A.Configure connection-rate filtering on the 6108.
B.Configure the servers for Fast EtherChannel.
C.Configure a port trunk group between the 6108 and the 5412zl.
D.Configure jumbo frame support on the 6108 and 5412zl.
Correct Answers: C
8:  While  configuring  two  ProCurve  8212zl  switches,  you  enable  VRRP  on  the  Backup  router
before enabling VRRP on the Owner. What is the effect of this procedure?
A.Users will experience a brief interruption when VRRP is enabled on the Master.
B.The Backup router will issue an error when it does not find a Master on the VRIDs.
C.No default gateway will be available until the Master is enabled.
D.The  routers  will  not  assume  the  correct  roles  unless  the  Backup  is  restarted  after  VRRP  is
enabled on the Master.
Correct Answers: A
9: Port c3 on a ProCurve Switch 5412zl is a tagged member of VLAN 50. Ports c1, c2, and c4 are
not members of VLAN 50. What is the effect of the following command?  
ProCurve Switch 5412zl(config)# trunk c1-c4 trk1
A.Port c3 will not be included in the trunk until the trunk is made a tagged member of VLAN 50.
B.Port c3 will continue to forward traffic for VLAN 50, but other ports in the trunk will not.
C.Port c3 will not forward traffic for VLAN 50 because the trunk has not been made a member of
VLAN 50.
D.The  trunk  will  automatically  become  a   member  of  VLAN  50  and  of  all  other  VLANs
configured for ports c1 through c4.
Correct Answers: C
10:  You  must  configure  Multiple  Spanning  Tree  Protocol  (MSTP)  on  two  ProCurve  8212zl
switches  and  four  5406zl  switches.  Which  configuration  is  necessary  to  ensure  that  all  of  the
switches join the same MST region?
A.The switches must have identical Port Priorities for shared links in each MST instance.
B.All switch-to-switch links in each MST instance must be tagged members of all user VLANs.
C.Bridge Priorities on all switches  must be configured so that each MST instance has a different
Root Bridge.
D.The   switches   must   be   configured   with   identical   config-names,   config-revisions,   and
VLAN-to-instance mappings.
Correct Answers: D



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